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ALIWAL SHOAL Umkomaas Diving!

Join us to dive one of the top ten dives sites in the world!

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Umkomaas is a beautiful sea side town and only a twenty minute boat ride from the Aliwal Shoal. The shoal is approximately 5kms in length, and runs in a north to south direction. There is a huge array of fish species rays, turtles, mantas and sharks. Ragged tooth sharks are the most common shark species. Dolphins and whales are also frequent visitors at Aliwal shoal.

You have every chance of seeing Tiger and Hammerhead sharks on every dive. You might even get the chance to see the huge (and I mean huge) Brindle Bass on the wreck dives!

Other species include Manta, Devil and other rays, schools of pelagic fish, whales, dolphins, and many, many more! 3 Sunfish were spotted in January this year!

The depths vary between 6 to 30-meter sites for the suitably qualified. 

THE NEBO - Maximum Depth: 26m

The NEBO, a 2000 ton steamship sank on the 24 May 1884, on her maiden voyage, just north of the Aliwal Shoal. She was carrying of a cargo of railway material which is now the home to numerous fish. No lives were lost.

THE PRODUCE - Maximum Depth: 32m

The PRODUCE, a Norwegian bulk carrier struck Aliwal Shoal on the 11th August 1974 and sank. There were no fatalities.

The rusted framework now provides an established residence for a variety of fish species and very good diving. The elusive Brindle Bass is a great attraction and an awesome sight underwater.

PLEASE NOTE: All wrecks are reserved for ADVANCED divers only.

Baited Shark Dive

This is a unique opportunity to dive with sharks without the safety of a cage! Our experienced team ensures your safety at all times whilst you enjoy the freedom of seeing the sharks in their own environment doing what they do best: inspiring awe, respect and wonder at their grace and agility

The baited dives are conducted south of Aliwal Shoal Reef where there is no interference with the regular reef dives. The water is "scented" with anchovy oil to attract the sharks and a bait drum is lowered into the water at about 6-8m. Once sufficient activity is noted, the DM checks the area and invites the divers in. The dives are shallow; around 5-8m and can last much longer than a normal dive simply because time flies when you’re having fun! 

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