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7 DAY LIVE-ABOARD HURGHADA Northern Red Sea & Brothers


7 Day Live aboard  - Red Sea

Hurghada - Egypt

23 - 30 June 2022


  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Visa
  • 7 Days full board Live aboard
  • Nitrox - (50% discount on EAN course for first 5 bookings)
  • Beer and other refreshments
  • Crew Gratuities
  • Conservation fees
  • Tanks & Weights
  • Dive Guides


The Yacht - MV Liberty

MV Liberty 

MV Liberty

MV LibertyMV Liberty

MV Liberty

MV Liberty


MV Liberty


Trip Highlights:

  • Safaga Brother Islands are the pinnacles of two undersea mountains rising from the depths of the abyss and are located about 60 miles offshore. Part of the Marine Park Islands National Park, these islands offer stunning wall diving, with the walls being covered in soft corals and forests of gorgonians, creating a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colours. They attract a diverse array of marine species and large pelagics. Large tuna, jacks and snappers cruise in the blue, accompanied by occasional hammerheads, silvertips, silky and oceanic white tip sharks and mantas. Even the rare thresher shark can be found here. Sightings of the grey reef shark are almost guaranteed on the North and South Plateaux of Small Brother.



  • AIDA Wreck: In September 1957 the Aida II was about to deliver goods and lighthouse staff to the coast guard station on Big Brother island, but because of strong wind and high waves it was smashed into the rocks of the island while it was approaching the jetty of the lighthouse on the western side of the coast. Although the vessel began to sink immediately, the ship’s crew could be rescued, before the Aida drifted in the storm towards the north-western tip of the island, where it sank. Most of its bow burst due to elements and the collision. The formerly 75m long ship now lies at an extremely steep angle in a depth between 25m and 65m. The access to the engine room and the hold in about 35m are wide enough and can easily be explored. In there you will find huge schools of glass fish. The stern provides habitat for large groupers. The whole wreck has been conquered by the reef, it’s fantastically covered with soft and hard corals and home to various kinds of marine creatures. Photographers will find a multitude of exciting motives. Because of the depth and currents, dives at the Aida are recommended only for experienced recreational and technical divers.

Aida wreck


  • Salem Express: The ship sank fairly recently which means that coral and fish life are still in the process of building up on this fairly young wreck. There is still a great deal to see though, the circumstances of that tragic night are laid out on the seabed. The damage to the bow from hitting the reef is still visible along with well-preserved remnants of the luggage and vehicles of those on board. The wreck lies on the sea bed over on its port side on a slope from 10 to 30 meters /32 to 98 ft. of water. Divers can swim from the bow to stern along the now vertical deck and the starboard side. There are numerous portholes to look inside from, many of them smashed in efforts by divers trying to recover the remains of passengers. Inside these portholes, you can see the cabins and luggage of passengers and crew preserved and largely untouched. The vehicle hold stands out, divers can look inside and see a number of different vehicles still inside with the chassis and steering wheels still in excellent condition. There are also some pipefish in the hold and other spots inside as well as box fish and parrot fish on the outside but this dive really is more about the shipwreck and its tragic circumstances, than marine life.

Salem Express



R 19 999.00 per person sharing (double cabin)

R 18 500.00 per person sharing (triple cabin)

R8 000.00 (single supplement)


The trip includes:

  • Visa
  • Dive guides
  • 7-night full board Live-aboard accommodation
  • Alcoholic & non alcoholic beverages
  • 3 - 4 dives per day (last day 1-2)
  • Tanks & weights
  • Local transfers
  • Enriched Air on dives
  • Crew Gratuities
  • Conservation fees



It excludes:

  • Diving Equipment rental
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flights 
R 8 000.00
R 3 500.00
R 1 500.00
R 8 500.00
R  6989.00



Combine these Red Sea trips and save! (You're there anyway!)

  1. Hurghada 7 nights Live-aboard: R29 999.00 (23 - 30 June)
  2. Dahab 9 days land based: R17 900.00 (freediving) (30 June - 10 July)
  3. Dahab 9 days land based: R19 500.00 (Scuba)  (30 June - 10 July)
  4. Dahab 5 days / Liveaboard Mini Safari 5 days : R27 400.00 (9 - 17 July)


  1. Hurghada + Dahab (Freediving) 23 June - 10 July: R 36 988.00
  2. Hurghada + Dahab (Scuba) 23 June - 10 July: R 38 499.00
  3. Hurghada + Dahab (Freediving) + Dahab 5 days / Liveaboard : 23 June - 17 July: R 50 190.00
  4. Hurghada + Dahab (Scuba) + Dahab 5 days / Liveaboard : 23 June - 17 July: R 51 690.00
  5. Dahab (Freediving) + Dahab 5 days / Liveaboard  1 - 17 July: R 33 150.00
  6. Dahab (Scuba) + Dahab 5 days / Liveaboard  1 - 17 July: R34 750.00