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What is CDC ::

What is CDC?

It's seems that the happiest people are those who love their work.
These are the employees who have fun at what they do. These people look forward to the start of each day instead of the end. In diving, these are the professional instructors, DiveMasters and dive operation managers.
These are the professional divers who introduce the rest to the underwater world. The diver that other divers aspire to be. And with today's explosive growth in diving there are more opportunities for these professionals then ever before, all over the world.
One of these opportunities may be waiting for you. But there is competition, as the opportunities grow, so does the number of individuals seeking them. Numerous people can teach diving; but the best positions, the ones you will want, where you want them, go to those with an edge. Those who can do more to support the operation, who have the credentials employers demand, and who have the training employers know they can rely on, are the most sought after.
You will get this edge at Reef divers. We are South Africa's oldest and most respected 5 Star PADI Career Development Center. Since 1989 Reef divers has established itself as a leader in training dive professionals. Three Course Directors and numerous dive centre owners in South Africa have their roots in Reef Divers.
The PADI 5 Star Career Development Center status is awarded to PADI 5 Star IDC's that conduct additional instructor level training and meet the requirements for assisting dive leaders in reaching their educational and professional goals.
PADI 5 star CDC's offer career orientated training to prepare dive professionals for employment in the dive industry as well as offering job placement assistance for Programme graduates. PADI 5 Star CDC's are committed to training dive leaders and conducting Career Development progammes.
As a PADI Career Development Center, Reef Divers’ comprehensive training provides the single most demanded credential in the dive industry, the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.
The Career Development Programme at Reef Divers is designed to take you from entry level training to the doorstep of the coveted PADI Master Instructor rating and in the process train you in skills ranging from servicing equipment to blending breathing gasses and to handling the unique challenges of a resort dive operation.
The PADI, Instructor Development Course (IDC) is the core of Reef Divers Career Development Programme. Reefs IDC staff will guide you through the seven day IDC, preparing you for a career as PADI instructor and for the two day instructor examination, which is the final step to becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba instructor.
Before you can start the IDC you must be a PADI DiveMaster or an Assistant Instructor.  As a Career Development Center, Reef Divers can help close any education gaps and bring you into the instructor training ranks.
Phase one, the basic level, builds the diving knowledge and skills to enter professional level training.
Phase one includes the PADI Open Water , Advanced course, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver, and DiveMaster courses as well as optional training in specific specialties and specialty training in enriched air Nitrox.
The potential candidate may start off as early as Open Water diver or even as a non-Diver! This obviously increases training time for the whole program.
Phase two takes one through the IDC, instructor examination (IE) and additional training as a PADI Emergency First Response Instructor and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer if required.
During phase one the course focuses on the unique management concerns skills and duties that you will apply as a Open Water Instructor working at either a resort or Dive Centre, i.e. dive boat operations, Dive shop management, budgeting concerns, pricing workshops, compressor operation, sales and human relations ,equipment maintenance and Resort Scuba programs.
Other skills may also include underwater photography, resort travel, coral reef ecology, drift diving procedures, multi-level computer diving, deep diving and orientation to the latest re-breather technology. Even Mixed gas and cave diving!
Further training can then prepare you to assist with training instructors. You need to complete the PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer course and then move onto your Staff Instructor course, this will put you firmly on your way to Master Instructor, one of the highest achievements in recreational diving.
The Career Development Programme runs for a minimum period of three months and is designed to take one from pre DiveMaster level of training to PADI Open Water Instructor and beyond.
Few careers reward a diver as much as working as a professional. The opportunities await those who have the training, have the skills, know where to find them and have the edge. Reef's professional training takes place in a setting that’s rewarding, fun and with staff that care about the student and their career.
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