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Technical Equipment

We invariably find that divers come to us with inferior or inadequate equipment for doing this demanding type of diving. Technical diving equipment is expensive and is built to exceed the demands that a diver and the hostile environment may place upon it. 

As safety is a priority in this type of diving, we only use proven and reliable equipment and will require that students have the same. 

It is highly recommended that you put your purchase of technical gear off until such a time that you can chat to us – your friendly Instructor at the local dive shop simply does not have the experience or knowledge to advise you on the purchase of equipment that they have absolutely no clue of!

It is advisable to ask to see the Instructor (or salespersons) credentials in the field of technical diving before blindly accepting their advice!
Caveat Emptor!!
You have been warned…. 

If you are going to do one of our courses, we advise you wait until commencement of the course before purchasing anything, rather than spending a lot of money only to find your purchase to be inadequate….and then having to spend more money again…
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