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Career Development

A Career in diving?

How do you make a career out of something people do for fun?

20 years ago you either became a doctor, lawyer or accountant if you had any career aspirations…. with people making better lives for themselves they have more expendable income and may choose to spend that money on a bigger car or doing a diving course ! After all what’s the use of a fancy 4x4 if you don’t use it on the beach dressed in the latest diving fashions…

Recreational diving has evolved since to late 90’s to become one of the worlds most sought after recreations, you can do it in most countries and it’s easy!
Diving also has many facets – working as an instructor in your local dive shop is just one option, what about working on a private yacht? A cruise ship? A tropical Island? If you love animals, becoming a marine biologist? If photo’s are your thing- underwater photography or videography? You’ve seen the National Geographic stuff…who did you think took those pics..?

Teaching diving is a rewarding experience in itself but to make it worthwhile you need to know how to make money out of your passion- by enrolling on a Career Development Course (CDC) you will gain hands on experience working in a real setting while doing all the necessary courses needed to become an Instructor.

Only PADI Career Development Centers are accredited by PADI to offer these and only CDC centers have Course Directors permanently on staff. Getting the proper training at the right place is the key to ensuring your future as a diving Instructor.

Welcome to the Diving Industry.

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