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The Team :: Meet our scuba team.
  • Peter Herbst

    Peter Herbst


    Peter Herbst (BigB) is the owner of Reef Divers and Chief Instructor. He oversees all Instructional activities and is a PADI Course Director ( for fun stuff) , IANTD Instructor Trainer ( for deep stuff), Rebreather Instructor( for quiet stuff), Cave Diver and generally knows stuff…Peter has been actively teaching Scuba Diving since 1994 and have certified in excess of 1000 divers at various levels of the sport. 

  • Lenize Oeschger

    Lenize Oeschger


    Lenize is not only a PADI instructor but also Reef Divers shop manager, PADI Swimschool Instructor trainer and Opperation Walacea country manager for South Africa! She has been a PADI professional since 2011 

  • Manie Eksteen

    Manie Eksteen

  • Jarred  Karp

    Jarred Karp

  • Maik Emmerlich

    Maik Emmerlich


    Maik is a PADI DiveMaster and also tech diver! He is originaly from Germany but has now learnt to understand jokes....!

    He did his Dm course in 2012 in China before he became Reef Diver staff in SA. 

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